Trips in Karangasem


Less waterfall is only half an hour drive from our resort. When you get there it takes around half an hour to walk up to the waterfall. On the way you will pass the river a few times and see a magnificent nature. Depending on the season it is also possible to see cloves, cashew nut trees, cocoa plants and other plants and fruits. The waterfall itself is around 30 meters tall and you can get underneath it and hang out in the water basin, although it is not possible for swimming there. Beautiful views and a fantastic jungle feel.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Ganga water palace is around 45 minutes drive from our resort. The palace is very beautiful and with many water bassins statues and loads and loads of fish. You can buy some fish food outside and feed the fish while you take a walk around in the palace. It is a wonderful and picturesque garden.

Ujung waterpalace

Ujung water palace is situated in Amlapura and it is possible to go to this water palace on the same trip as to Tirta Gangga as a combination. This palace is more spacious and there is a house in the middle of the lake from the Amlapura kings period. In Amlapura there is a tourist attraction as well from the kings palace from old days. It is a beautiful scenery with amazing views to mountains and with good visibility to Lombok as well.


Cashew nut and coffee farms in the Karangasem area is possible to get to visit and in this area there is also rice terraces, where it is possible to make small treks.

Trekkingtour to Batur

Trekking trip to mount Batur. The mountain is situated beside the Gunung Agung our local volcano. The smaller volcano Batur is inactive and possible to trek up to the top during night, so that you get to the top for a stunning sunrise. For daytime trekking you will be able to enjoy the magnificent views and scenery.


Visit a temple on the hillside in Tulamben by sunset and be able to take fantastic sunset photos in and around the temple as well as the fantastic sunset light on Mount Agung.


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